What We Offer

Well manicured gardens and lawns filled with different decent flowers, and beautiful revolving walk ways and drive ways. The scenery of the cemetery landscape is so splendid and exudes a welcoming atmosphere. Uniquely designed vaults ranging from low, medium, to high density options.

A conducive and convenient state of the art multi-purpose hall for funeral and memorial services.

Sale of Vault Includes:

  • Service charge for usage of facilities and equipment
  • Maintenance of grounds and landscape
  • Performing technical preparation
  • Clarifications of vital documents
  • Filing of death certificate
  • Provision of a Certificate of Ownership.


Other Services Available:

  • Tombstones
  • Monuments and Customized mausoleum crypt (Low Density Special Vaults/Mausoleums)
  • Hall usage
  • Musical band, DJ (3rd party supplier)
  • Canopy (3rd party supplier)
  • Buggy for transportation within V&G grounds